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Mini Stars

The Mini Star program is for Sully Station’s littlest swimmers. The Mini Stars work with the team's junior coaches to learn the basics of the strokes. The goal of the program is to get these future swim teamers to compete in the last “B” meet of the season to show off their new. The swimmers also compete in their own season finale Mini Star meet, often referred to as the "lollipop meet".

In order to be eligible to participate, swimmers must be water safe, be able to be float on their back, and be able to be in the water without a parent close by. Swimmers will be evaluated by the coaches on Saturday June 17 after time trials. Please arrive by 10:15am. The program consists of practices four days a week (no Wednesdays) for approximately five weeks.

The program is a great opportunity for the parents to learn the ins and outs of being a swim team parent. We encourage the Mini Star parents to shadow a more seasoned swim team parent to learn the different volunteer roles that are needed to make the team a success.

Families with only mini-stars are asked to earn 5 volunteer points over the course of the season. This will give our new families time to “learn the ropes” and ask questions of the seasoned parents. See  Volunteering FAQ

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